Saturday, January 5, 2013

Less is More Sweater

In the new issue of Knitty, I saw a sweater made from handspun yarn in 4 ounce increments.  I too fell into the buying 4 ounces of fiber when the colors caught my eye not thinking about what I would make with the fiber.

When I saw this sweater pattern - Less is More, I decided that I would cull my stash and see what I could do.

I dug out these two braids of fiber with the same vibrant green color - one with purple and the other with pink.
I spun up the singles and ended up with 4 bobbins of each of the colors.
I then went through the closet and tried to find another 8 ounces of a coordinating fiber to ply with these vibrant colors and knit the sweater.

I found in the deep stash, this merino/silk blend in the color pewter.  I spun up a sample and decided that it would be a muting color palate with the bright colors.
Now I need to spin up the pewter.

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