Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lily's Shawl

In the way back, I purchased this knit kit from Just Our Yarn.  It sat in the cupboard for quite a long time and when I rearranged some stuff, I pulled it out.

I started it up sometime in September 2011 and after working a few repeats of the pattern, it went into knitting bag and languished sight unseen.

A little while back, I was reading a blog - I don't remember which one and heard about this cool tool from a store in Berkley called Lacis.

I ordered the Verna Beadle Needle .75mm for this project and restarted it at the end of last year.
It has a small hook part on one end to hook onto the yarn.
A curved tip for loading beads on the other end.
And I bought the plastic case for it as well for transportation and storage.

I am making some progress as the lace repeats are not too taxing and I have 12 of the 32 repeats finished.

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