Sunday, October 23, 2016

99 Ranch Market Grand Opening

I met with Jon and Karen and we hit the grand opening of the new 99 Ranch Market on Balboa next to Target.

The taiko drum demo started at 7:30 am and I could hear them from my house.  I arrived around 7:55 and waited in the parking lot for Jon and Karen and listened to the drumming as well as seeing the line extend beyond the sidewalk around the corner.
Once inside, there were the requisite congratulatory bouquets.
The store is huge and lots of people milling and shopping as the first 200 customers with purchase received a bag full of bits and bobs.  We missed out.  Also for threshold purchases, there were free items.  The lowest threshold was $35 for a bag of ramen.  Combined we only spent $19.

There is a cool station for hot pot.
Bbq meat.
A bakery and tons of frozen entrees.
I can see myself here on a regular basis once the frenzy dies down.

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