Monday, October 24, 2016

Ovation Serger Cover

I joined a group on Facebook to test out a pattern for a cover for my serger.  I was given the specs and pattern and got a late start as I needed to have quilted fabric.  I stash dove and found this purple flower and some matching fabric and proceeded to quilt up some fabric.

I joined up the side pieces with the width of the fabric and it was pretty easy to accomplish.  I ended up doing a little bit less in some places and a bit more in others.
I trimmed up the bottom so I could add a binding using a fancy stitch from my Janome machine.
The final cover from the front and the side.
I like it a lot and it is much better than the plastic cover that came with the machine.  That is my Janome in the background that I used to sew it up.

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