Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nebraska Field Trip

I took another trip to Nebraska and found that there are no direct flights anymore.  I routed through Phoenix on American this time as the contract has changed.
I like the Southwest snacks better and I was able to pull some out of my bag on this leg.  They are really "plane" cookies.
The trip was successful mostly and we were able to hook up most of the individuals we looked for.  There were a couple that were iffy.  As we were driving across the state, we saw cows as far as the eye can see.
Some chickens and other fowls.
And a few log cabins.
We made a pitstop in Hastings where they have a brick walk of phoenix with no explanations, but we found this great restaurant , Odyssey, n the middle of nowhere.
We started with a sample of the bruschetta - brie and bacon.  I thought I would lean toward the bacon, but liked the brie much better.
I ended up ordering the scallops with pork belly macaroni.  It was delicious.
We ate at Whiskey Creek again in North Platte and they have expanded the area with new restaurants and a remodeled hotel.  The last time we were here, the restaurant was packed.  This time, I think the Applebees was more crowded.  I was a little disappointed in the meal.
We started with a caesar salad which was beyond plain.  The croutons were giant fried cubes of some egg bread which tasted strange.  Julie and I ordered different cuts of steak which we shared and she had the broccoli and I had the smokey mac n cheese.
Her cut was more tender than mine and I had to send back the mac n cheese and replace it with broccoli.  The steak came with herb butter which they placed in a bowl instead of on the steak which was also a bit strange.  I think I will pass on this place next go around and try one of the other new places around.

The morning sunrise there before we left was beautiful.

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