Thursday, October 20, 2016

Another Bag for Val

When I visited Val in July, she gave me a set of fabrics to make another bionic gear bag for her as I was able to finally get one finished while I was there.

I'm sorry to say that the cool videos that I followed are no longer available, but I gleaned enough that I'm able to complete one of these bags without too much hassle.  I have to say that this last one (my fourth) was the best yet and the seams and bindings did not have any weird problems.
All that is left to do is attaching the tabs onto the body and it is done.  Val took it home to finish.  I also was able to do one of the dumpling dishes as directed by the pattern and I found it fiddly and difficult.  I like the little bags I talked about here much better.  I think I will try to figure out a way to attach the magnetic snaps on that bag to use with this bag.

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