Monday, June 7, 2010

Estes Park

One of the excursion we undertook was to Estes Park which is at about 7,000 feet. It was a beautiful day and our group consisted of Nick, Susie, Sara, Val, Terri, Larry, and their dogs.  Here is Sara next to the stream next to the parking lot when we arrived.
We shopped, ate, and had a good time.  Val found a cool pair of Teva sandals and I bought a cool bag at a fly fishing store.  The bag is from Lily Pond and the company was started by the same guy that use to own Case Logic.  We had lunch outdoors and on the way out we stopped by the Stanley (where Steven King stayed while writing the Shining).  It is suppose to be haunted but we did not enter.  Outside the Stanley in the grassy area, the elk were munching on the turf.
We also stopped at the local yarn store where I bought some cool silver colored clasps and Sara fed the pet trout.  We also had to drop by and get some truffles for the ride home.

Alas the winding drive and the altitude got the best of me and not in a good way.  I had to make a pit stop and then spent the rest of the drive home laid out in the back cargo area of the car where the dogs usually hang out.

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  1. I used to live in Summit County, CO. Every summer we went to the Estes Park Sheep and Wool Festival. Sorry to hear you suffered altitude sickness.