Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Latke Experiment

Since Katie has moved in, we have been planning dinners with what is in the fridge.  Since we had some carrots and parsnips from the CSA, I searched for some kind of recipe.  I found a Carrot and Parsnip Latke recipe which looked simple.  Katie decided to take the challenge and make the latkes after I had grated the carrots and parsnips in the handy food processor.  We used a flat pan and spray oil instead of the deep frying (no peanut oil in the house) and it was so labor intensive that she decided to just make one big latke.  Here is the flipped latke in the pan.
It was really pretty but was missing on flavor and was kind of dry.  We had half of it left over and will try to make some kind of leftovers for it.

To be paired with this, I grilled two game hens butterflied on the grill with this bbq sauce.  It was tasty but I think the hens should have been marinated instead of just brushed.

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