Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fondle This! for May

I received May's offering which included 4 oz of blue face leicester/silk in the answan's biscotti colorway which is a mix of ecru, plum and purple.  The project pattern is the Symphony V Mobius shawl from Heartstrings.

The fiber is to be spun into a 45-50 wpi single and then plied to a lace weight yarn.  The pattern states that it needs about 345 yards of lace wight or light fingering weight yarn.

Started spinning this fiber up after separating the ball into approximately equal piles.  Using my Schacht Matchless spinning wheel with the smaller of the two medium whorls, I was able to spin about a 40 wpi single.  It is pretty easy to spin with some silk clumps along the way.

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