Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's All About the Sewing...

One of the main reasons for going to Colorado for Val was for the sewing mania.  She wanted to show me Susie's great sewing room and work on her quilting projects.  Here are some pictures of the sewing room.
Val even has a spare sewing machine that lives in Colorado.  She worked diligently on her two quilts and here is one laid out on the floor for patching.  Gritz likes the quilt to be as well.

I spent most of my time knitting.  Here is Annie with me on the bed where I was able to finish my Linen Wrap Around Vest.
Susie did teach me how to sew and she and I made a couple of project bags.  The smaller one was a test which Susie did most of the work and the larger one is lined on the inside and I sewed most of it up.  It did take some thinking to make sure the the right sides were together.  No unsewing for me as yet.
While we were there, we also stopped in two quilting stores, the Quilters Stash and the Little Wool Shoppe.  I saw a great pattern in the Quilters Stash but resisted purchasing the kit.  The Little Wool Shoppe was having a great sale and I ended up getting some fabric called Barnyard Buddies to make a small quilt.  I saw these squares on a bag that Susie had made and I just loved the pattern.

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