Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm a Quilter!

So when we came back from Colorado, Val and I got together to work on sewing. I ended up going through my cabinets for some fabric that had been stored to make project bags and came up with a few yards.

Off to Val's and she had a beginning quilter book to use as a guide.  It is funny that the trap door to most of my crafts has been making projects for my Precious Princess Pepperoni.  She likes to be on comfy beds and I figured that I could make my first quilt for her.  Val taught me how to measure and cut fabric, steam with her awesome iron, and sew the pieces together.

I assembled my first quilt top and did a damn fine job if I do say so myself.
I then went home and started the second quilt in the book.  It went much faster since I was down to a routine.  I made some measuring errors and had to un-sew some of the pieces.  This one is a little larger and will be assigned to Mr. Bailey Boy named for Baileys and Cream.
The next day, I went to Beverly's Fabrics and bought a few other pieces to finish the third quilt in the book.  I think that this one will go to Tony and April's new baby since it has the whole swim theme going for it.
I also completed the small kit that I had purchased at Joann's in Ft. Collins when I went out shopping with Susie.
Val and I are going to be meeting with a quilter who will actually quilt the top and the bottom with some filler in between.

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