Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Batts from Inglenook Fibers

At the last spin group, Lori brought a bunch of batts for show and tell from Inglenook Fibers.  I was so enchanted that I came home and checked out their shop and found some batts that had to come over to my house.

A huge box came in the mail and the batts were all individually wrapped in their own draw string bags.  All of them are so lovely and soft.  I can't wait to get started on the spinning.
Pashmina - merino, silk, wool, alpaca, bamboo, silk noil, angelina
Scarlet Cape - merino, silk, wool, alpaca, bamboo, milk fiber, silk noil, angelina
Blue Lightning - merino, wool, bamboo, silk, silk noil, sari silk, firestar, angelina
Kites - merino, romney, silk, polworth, rambouillet, bamboo
Riddles in the Dark - merino, silk, alpaca, bamboo, cormo, flax, angelina, firestar
Emerald Isle - merino, romney, silk, alpaca, bamboo, silk noil, firestar, angelina
Snapdragons - merino, silk, alpaca, bamboo, silk noil, sari silk, angelina

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