Friday, July 20, 2012

Idiopathic Peripheral Vestibular Disease

So my girl, Pepper, woke up one morning and could barely walk in a straight line and it looked like her back end just could not support her weight.  She did eat her breakfast, but spend the entire day laying in bed and sleeping.  It was such a hardship to watch so off to visit Dr. Alex we went.

She was diagnosed with "old dog vestibular syndrome" which mimics meniere's disease in humans.  The symptoms are similar to getting off the teacup ride at Disneyland and being dizzy and nauseous.  Poor Pepper could not get her balance and could not get her legs coordinated to walk across the room.

I had to carry her to the car and back and she was wobbly at the vet's office.  Dr. Alex prescribed an anti-nausea pill divided into 4 tiny doses and she is feeling better.  She still has that strange tilt to her head that I hope will correct itself.
She was totally off her food which signals the end of the world so I had to break down and fix her brown rice and ground turkey for dinner.  She is going to start looking for food every time the microwave dings from now on.  She is comfortable on her new firm bed.

Bailey likes it as well.


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  2. Poor Pepper! I'm glad she's more comfortable now. Its not easy watching them get old.