Sunday, July 1, 2012

Start of Tour de Fleece

June 30 was the start of the Tour de France which coincides with the start of Tour de Fleece.

I have joined a few teams mostly based on my wheels - the mSpinner and my Schacht wheels.

I have some projects lined up as well as knitting patterns to use the finished skeins.

Good timing since spin group was also on the same day.  Juli had a new Betty Roberts wheel and it is beautiful.  Don't you think so?
The wheels have a beautiful inlay of flowers.
Jan showed some of the fiber that Lori brought to share.  The fiber is prepared by nuns.  Here is link to their shop.
Lori also brought an art project of a shoe that she made with fiber and felting.  Jeri was ready to put it on her foot, but Lori stated it was an artistic item and she only had one.
Of course, the food is also a big enticement as well.
Fun day with my spinning peeps.

I started my fractal spinning as I discussed here.

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