Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tour de Fleece - miniSpinner Challenge

This year on the Hansencrafts miniSpinner group, the tour de fleece challenge has two components - fractal spinning and getting into shape.

The first part I decided to use some dyed fiber that I got in a trade.  The colors are bright and is perfect for summer.  Fractal spinning is to end up with a 2 ply yarn with the colors varying as you go.  First you start with the fiber braid.
Then you split this braid into two equal parts - I ended up with a 50 gram half and a 49 gram half.
The 50 gram half.
The 49 gram half is then split into thirds.
The fiber is then spun continuously - half on one bobbin and the other three parts on another bobbin end to end following the color scheme.

You end up with one single with long color repeats and another single with shorter color repeats.  When plied together, you will get a cool variegation in the color.

The start of Tour de Fleece this year is June 30 which coincides with spin group so I'm ready to get started.

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