Thursday, June 21, 2012

Estes Park 2012

On Saturday, we headed up to Estes Park to see the wool market.  We arrived early to beat the traffic and get a good parking spot.  It was a smaller venue than some of the other festivals I have been to but it was great.

We hung out at the Paco-Vicuna and Angora tent for a bit and also saw some goats, bunnies, and paco-vicunas.
Here is Sirius Black.
We then hit the market place and I purchased a few things.
Supported spindle from Bristlecone - beautiful stuff and it was hard to choose. This one is called the Glindle.
Three prints from Charisma and I also picked up the festival bag with her art work.  I got Wool Gathering, Black Sheep of the Family, and Stashed Away.
Angora yarn from Woodlake Woolies - oreo for Val for the Emperor's New Scarf and a blend of Finn and Ky.
Roving - camel/silk and yak/silk from Your Daily Fiber.

Raw fleece from Hickory Ridge Farms in two colors.

Cashmere fiber from Jabberwocky Farms.
Glass knitting needles from Sheila and Michael Ernst.

There was also a cool display of sheep for sale.  I thought it was the cutest thing.
We also saw the leapin' llamas and the llama limbo and were able to meet and greet the llamas.  It was great fun.

I also met Diane of the Knitabulls podcast at the llama meetings.  She gave me a podcast button.
We also witnessed the start of the High Park Fire which got larger as the day progressed.

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