Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sewing with the Girls

All the girls came over for sewing day and it was interesting to see all the sewing machines set up.  I finished my placemats and started to make a new purse.
Sandy gave me some cool fabric and I used it to make an everyday purse.
I learned how to add a gromit and was able to figure out how to use a buckle for the bag strap.

After making one, I was able to use what I learned and some left over fabric from Val to make another one.
The fabric was on another tote she made - which she gave to me to use for the Estes Park shopping.
Timmy, the new cat, took to me right away and wanted to be close to us for sewing.  He found a great spot on the sewing table and kept us company.

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  1. Those bags are way cute! I'm thinking I should be exercising my sewing machine a bit more.