Friday, July 27, 2012

New Sewing Machine

At Convergence - a weaving convention, I purchased a sewing machine!  It is like that time I was at a quilting convention and purchased an iron....

Janome and Sew Vac of Long Beach were providing machines for the classes and they had super show specials.  I had to have my pals enable me to the right machine and the best deal was delivery for free.

My new Janome 4120QDC arrived at the homestead and here it is....
It came with a hard cover
And an extension table.
This machine has all kinds of cool functions like automatic sewing, tons of memory and cool stitches, and a thread cutter (a must have).  I have watched the instructional DVD that came with and I can't wait for some time to sew on this new baby.

My sick Janome Sew-Precise got some attention from the District Sales Manager at Convergence and I'm finally getting some resolution after being in the shop since mid-November.

Sew Hut called and offered sincere apologies and will be sending my machine back to the factory for repair or replacement.  I hope to hear soon.

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  1. That looks like a cool machine, Mags! And yes, they should give you a new Sew Precise. Mine is perfect still and I use it frequently. You got a lemon that sucks. Val