Sunday, July 22, 2012

Convergence 2012

Our little spin group headed up to Long Beach for Convergence 2012.  It was to be all about loom research and reconnaissance. 

We arrived bright and early.
And saw these woven pieces displayed from the second floor.
But it was really all about the looms.  First we hit LeClerc and found out that I cannot really upgrade my current 4 shaft Artistat without converting it to the hinged treadles like this.
That upgrade would cost more than half of a new loom.

Next we stopped at Glimakra and saw Joanne again.  I'm still on the fence about this loom.
Next came the Harrisville booth with Jason Collingwood weaving a rug.
Jeri was super impressed by this loom and the weaver.
AVL had their looms set up with electronics.
We also saw this monstrosity.
Shelly found a home with Macomber.
And ended up taking this loom home for a super discount.
It folds up into almost nothing.
I also found this great vendor with Micronesian Ivory Nut items.
Bob Benson takes these nuts and transforms them into beautiful spindle bowls.
We also hit a few other vendors for bags, spindles, temples, and weaving supplies.  Morgaine at Carolina Homespun gave us free admission tickets into the venue and we hung out at her booth for a while.

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