Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Day at the Fair

Janet and I hit the fair right before it closed for the year and had a great time. The weather was nice and the sun peaked out behind the clouds.  There were tons of people but it was pretty orderly.

The theme this year was Out of This World and most of the exhibits included outer space.
Janet posed in front of the pig race track and we also walked by the huge grill of the giant turkey legs.
It was a great day with views of animals and crafts as well as shopping.  Here is a video dairy of what we saw.
I also succumbed to fair food - only an Orange Julius.  Janet had more will power although she was craving the potato chips.
Janet and I both bought the vacuum sealer package which seems to work way better than the food saver that I have.  We got a deal by buying two.  It is the same brand as my steam iron that I bought at the quilt convention.
I also replaced my hose nozzle for both yards and got a new unkinkable hose for the front yard.
The big purchased was the steam mop system with the mini pressure washer. I hate cleaning but the ease of use and lightweight construction sold me.  I did come home and steam mop my bed and bath.

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