Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cold Sheep

I have been listening to the podcast Stash & Burn and there have been discussions over the past few months about going cold sheep. I just let this pass by my ears since I obviously don't have a problem with having too much yarn or fiber....

Well, after the excesses of the Santa Barbara trip, the DFW Fiberfest, and lastly Maryland Sheep & Wool, not to mention the sales e-mails and links on Ravelry, I now have to own up that my "stash" is too large for my cupboards and closets....

Here is a photo of my yarn cupboards - not counting the stuff hiding in other locations.  Okay I tallied all the yarn even the strays that were in hiding - wait for it - over 108,000 yards of yarn!  Holy Batman!

And here is a photo of the fiber closet which does not include the not so nice stuff in the garage.
I think by last tally I had over 50 lbs of fiber and my cupboards are having a hard time closing all the way. I definitely need an intervention!

I purchased most of this stuff because I had projects in mind and there are even patterns to go with the specific skeins. It is a matter of finding new objects to knit and running out to get more to make those things but the newness is coming too quickly and the last new thing is languishing in the cupboard. I mean, I can only knit so fast and there are other hobbies that I really like to do. And I still have that pesky job that takes up a lot of my waking hours.

I'm declaring that I'm going cold sheep (similar to going cold turkey) and not buying any more yarn or fiber nor attending any more fiber events until my addiction is under some kind of control. There are only two exceptions: (1) honor my fiber purchase commitment to fluffysgarden's co-op, and (2) purchase the necessary amounts to complete an ongoing project.

Since I also need to start my workout program again. I'm going to add an incentive that for every hour that I work out, I can "bank" $1 for future fiber purchases.

My end date for cold sheeping will be June 2011 when Black Sheep Gathering and Estes Park are scheduled.

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