Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Supperclub

I prepared the corn and orzo salad but wasn't able to find fresh corn that was to my satisfaction.  I had to settle with frozen corn instead.  Even though the recipe was to serve 8, I had a exponentially large amount of salad.  I ended up taking only half of the finished product to supper club.  Here is the half portion.

Kim went to the farmer's market in Hillcrest where she picked up her CSA offering and brought fresh vegetables and made a few dips to go along.  The cucumbers had the consistency of watermelon.
Janet stated that she tried to buy halibut at Henry's but was sad to see only two pieces of fish there.  She ended up going to Point Loma Seafood where it was a mad house of people angling to buy fish and food.  The halibut was cooked to perfection.
Amy stated she spent an inordinate amount of time pitting cherries which were delicious but the apricots were a little tart in her crisp.  The lemon-buttermilk sorbet was to die for and put one in a summer frame of mind.
Too bad you need to have an ice cream maker to make this.  I could not taste any buttermilk and the sorbet was light and fluffy.  Overall another great success in the recipes.  There is nothing better than great food and even better company.

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