Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rain and Thunder Boomers in Baltimore

I went to Baltimore for a conference on April 25th and it was cloudy and cool when I arrived. After seeing another friend from California and having a nice crab dinner at McCormicks & Schmicks which was attached to the hotel, I retired to my room with a sliding glass door which did not open out to a balcony.

This was the view from my sliding door when the sky opened up and thunder and lightning lit up the sky. It was still cool, but not cold and the system lasted for quite a few hours. My faux balcony was covered so I could leave the door open and just hear and experience the sheeting rain and boomers. I haven't experienced one of these since I was in Kansas City in the early 90s.

The conference had a few networking events and one I participated in was going to have a Maryland crab feast after taking a water taxi. It was pretty chilly on the water but the crab eating was good. I had to ask for a bib since the others sitting at my table used their mallets to whack the heck out of their crabs and a lot of it splattered on me. Yum yum, but I think for the all the effort, I would stick to my native dungeness crabs.

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