Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CSA Selection This Week

So this week was my first pick up for 4 weeks since I have been out of town.  Be Wise Ranch allows 2 cancellations per quarter (each box costs $25.00) and since I was out of town for the last few weeks, I didn't pick up my bi-weekly box.  This week, the bounty included:
(2) Avocados
Very Small Cabbage Green
Mustard Greens
(3) Lemons
(8) Oranges
Spring Mix
Snap Peas
(2 cartons) Strawberries

I prepped the strawberries right away and ate some for dessert after having my dinner of leftover, frozen asparagus and sausage with rice.  I was pleasantly surprised the the asparagus froze and defrosted well.

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