Monday, August 6, 2012

Venissimo Cheese

Last week, a friend came over for spin and bitch session and she stopped by Venissimo Cheese and brought an assortment of cheeses.  They were so good and she left me with a small sample that I savored the next night.

I was able to go by their Mission Hills store and was able to buy some similar cheese.  Great shop and friendly service.

Here is what I got - 
Saint Agur (sant-ah-GURR)
Fromager D'affinois (froh-MAJ d-ah-FEEN-wah)

I also got a small jar of Big Island Bees Honey from Hawaii.
I just love that they have the pronunciation of the cheese on the receipts as well as a description of the cheese, the location of origin, and wine pairings.

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