Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Attempt at Sakaki

I had previously tried to knit this shawl with some commercial yarn and it was a total failure.

For this past Tour de Fleece, I spun up some baby camel/silk blend and it turned out beautiful and soft.  I decided to conquer the Sakaki and pulled out the pattern.

Since the last time around, I have invested in the iPad app - knit companion.  It is an awesome app although it is more expensive than most apps but it is like a program.  There is a steep learning curve right off the bat, but once you master the set up process, it is the best knitting tool ever.

Here is a snap shot of the program.
I have been using this app and there is no more pencil tick marks and magnetic boards and everything is backed up to the cloud.

Here is the start of the shawl.
I added some beads and that should add a bit of sparkle.

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