Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Craftsy Shrug Progress

I started knitting this shrug back in November when I signed up for a Craftsy workshop.  I think it was a free workshop when I signed up but there is a fee associated with it now.

A workshop from Craftsy is different from a class.  The workshop does not have any video, just pictures with instructions and a pattern to make one item.  In this case it was a shrug.

I dug around my stash and found some leftover Bernat Soy yarn in the celery color and thought I had enough to finish in the size I chose.

Halfway through the knit, I had a problem understanding what was going on and it went into the UFO (unfinished objects) bin until this month when I was searching for some stuff.

I pulled it out and in the time that it was resting, comments and questions were posted to the workshop and I got an answer to my issue and I started knitting it again.

When I separated the sleeves onto waste yarn, I decided to try it on and I could barely get the sleeve openings around my fat arms.  I had to tink back and add many more stitches to the body before separating the sleeves again.

One problem with adding more stitches to increase the size is (you guessed it), I did not have enough yarn to finish the project.  On a search, this yarn is no longer being sold so I went into Ravelry and looked through people's stashes and found some skeins for sale or trade.  When I queried, an awesome Raveler offered to send me another skein.  A lifesaver for sure - why oh why do I have this impediment always?

Now it is a waiting game for the yarn to get here so I can work on the sleeves. I used Jenny's super stretchy bind off for the body and it is super stretchy and I think it will be a perfect fit.

Here is the front.
And the back.

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