Thursday, December 13, 2012

Helm's Deep Shawl

I subscribed to the Lord of the Rings patterns by Susan Pandorf and the patterns have been down to a trickle lately with the last installment pushed far back.

The latest pattern I decided to knit was Helm's Deep.  After seeing the pattern when it first came out, I was lucky to be in Colorado and visited the Loopy Ewe.  I looked for the suggested yarns and they did not have all three.  After discussions, I decided that I did not like the color selection.  The white trim was very out of place.

Months go by and I was in Chicago and went by Loopy Yarns and decided to tackle the pattern again.  This time, I purchased some Malabrigo sock in coordinating colors in purple, a variegated purple and yellow and some brown.

I ended up using only one skein of each so the pattern took less yarn than suggested.  There were some errors in the pattern but they were correctable without too much fuss.
The shawl is very long (as long as my dining room table) and not very wide.  I really like the colors that I chose and the shawl can be wrapped around a few times.  The fabric is very soft and I machine washed through the wool cycle.

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  1. I wish I had been on the pattern subscription from the beginning. I love Lord Of The Rings and, like everybody else, want to make Evenstar.