Friday, December 21, 2012

Malcolm Fielding Spindle Club

I had discussed a Malcolm Fielding supported spindle that I purchase earlier here and loved the spin on the dervish.  It is smooth, beautiful and spins forever.

I have been following his group on Ravelry and succumbed to his spindle club.  I also coveted another dervish in a lace sheoak and Malcolm was nice enough to package my spindle with the last offering of the spindle club since he had one set left over.

Here is the lace sheoak dervish that I got.
And here is the club offering for October.  These are a matched pair of Tibetan spindles, one in baby Pu Yok size and one in purse Tibetan size. The whorls are in that stunning figured Curly Mineritchie, on resin laminated oak shafts.
The club has 4 shipments for the year - one at every quarter.  I can't wait to see what the next offering is.

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