Sunday, December 30, 2012

San Diego Safari Park

We took a trip to visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Vista and it was a beautiful day with full sun and light winds.  We went after lunch and hit the Park around 1:00 and the parking lot was full as was the Park.
We saw a bunch of animals including meerkats.
The King of the Jungle.
Gorillas with a baby.
My mom posed with a "hand" as well as the body schematic.  She is almost the same height as a gorilla.
Elephants including the new baby.
And went on an African Safari to see how multiple species live together.
Here are two of the eight Rhinos left in the world and they are both too old to reproduce.
We did not stay to see the Cheetah run but did see a couple of them relaxing in the shade.
There were a few other species of Rhinos.
Here are two animals doing a face off - wildebeest and some kind of antelope.
It was a fun day and we left as the sun was going down and it became cooler.  My mom got a couple of stuffed animals - an elephant and a polar bear for her collection at home.

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