Monday, December 31, 2012

Manna Korean BBQ

Tried out a new Korean BBQ place not to far from the house - Manna Korean BBQ.

It was totally packed with a bunch of people waiting outside for a meal.  We ordered the $24.95 all you can each package and tried out a few dishes.
The Deungshim was pretty good with quite a bit of fat and the Goutsal came out in a huge steak.  Both were pretty tender as the Deungshim were sliced paper thin and the steak was not cooked very long.  There are no knives at this restaurant and each table is given a pair of scissors to cut up meat.

The waitress recommended the Chadol Baegi but we found it very tough and we would not order it again.

We had a couple dishes of shrimp as well as squid.  Squid is not my favorite but it was pretty good.

The meat so far discussed have not been marinated and each person has a small dish of some kind of sauce similar to a soy.  I found there was not much flavor with the meat.

We then tried the LA YangNym Galbi which is marinated and was very tender and tasty.  The last dish we ordered was the spicy chicken which was also good but by that time, we were too stuffed.

Of course, each table has a salad and a multitude of small dishes of Korean delicacies.  Overall, the meal was good but the place my parents go to in Sacramento was better in my opinion and I discussed it here.

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