Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Sweater Project

In the latest edition of Knitty - an online knitting magazine, there is a sweater called Less is More.  This sweater came about from buying 4 ounces of fiber and spinning it up and not having something to knit it with.

Amy King took 4 different 4 ounces of fiber and spun them up to make this sweater.  It is a great idea since I too have purchased 4 ounces of fiber because I fell in love with the color and having no idea what to make with it.

So my new sweater project for 2013 will be to spin and knit up this sweater which may take me the entire year.

I'm going to use 2 4-ounce braids of fiber and spin up singles.  Then I'm going to stash dive and find some gray or neutral color fiber in 8 ounces and spin up more singles and ply with the colored fiber.

Here are the colored fibers I'm going to use for this sweater.
The pop of electric green will be awesome.

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