Sunday, December 16, 2012

Spin Group Holiday Party

We had a spin group holiday party to hang out and have a gift exchange.  The weather had cleared up and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

As usual, we had some great food and Jeri made tamales from scratch - one set for the meat eaters and another for the grass eaters.
Jan made an excellent brussel sprout casserole.  It was very tasty and I ended up having thirds even though I am not a fan of the sprouts.
We always have such great food and Suzanne brought dessert!
Here is the rest of the spread.
We brought a gift for the holiday exchange.  We went in order and the first person picked a gift and opened it.  The next person could steal the previous gift or get a new one.
I originally picked a candle set sampler that you plug in, but it was stolen so I ended up stealing another gift that came home with me.  I got 8 ounces of Louet 18 micron white merino top for spinning.

I spent the day spinning my SOAR fiber which I will be making some socks out of.  I separated the fiber braid into three equal sections and was able to spin two of the three spun today.

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