Friday, May 31, 2013

May Month End Report

It was a pretty productive month for me.


Knowing that I was going to be spending some money next month at Black Sheep Gathering, I tried to keep alot of pennies in my pocket.  I purchased a piece of tewelry from Leslie Wind to keep my cable needle close at hand.
I also picked up a couple of knitting patterns - a shawl and a sweater.

I thought I was in the clear until the universe smacked me down.  So I became the new owner of a Schacht Mighty Wolf weaving studio.


Knitting - I finished up three sweaters, at least the knitting part.   My less is more sweater san zipper, the feather weight cardigan, and the old man and the sea. I have lots of works in progress.  I had to take a break from knitting as my wrists were feeling used and abused.

Spinning - I started spinning up the polworth/silk I got from Judith M at the retreat and my plan is to make the shawl I purchased.  I also pulled out some stash and plan to dye the wool part and blending the fiber for a new sweater project.  However, I need a drum carder.

Weaving - With the help of Shelly, I was able to pick up and transport my new Mighty Wolf studio home.  I continued on the point twill pattern on the loom.

Sewing - I finished up three segments of the block of the month quilt from craftsy.  I also sewed hems for the some of the woven towels I had finished previously.

Organizing and Purging

I was able to scan 28 months of receipts and had a shredding party.  I moved some stuff out of the garage for AmVets to pick up.

I also sold the Bristlecone Glindle as my preferred russians are now from Texas Jean.

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