Thursday, May 9, 2013

Less is More Sweater

When I started spinning for the less is more sweater, I was so inspired by Amy King's pattern on knitty.  I loved the concept as I too had purchased pretty fiber with no idea what to do with them and I never had enough really to make something.

I discussed the preparation and spinning herehere and here.  I had this much yarn left over after finishing the knitting.
The sweater knitting was fairly straight forward except for the i-cord edges so I was off to do some research on other people's projects.  Not finding what I needed, I posted a message to Amy who responded with a video to help me work the edge.  It worked great and I washed and blocked the sweater.
Went shopping for a zipper and ended up with a black one.  There were only two options in the 22" length that zipped apart so I went with the black.
Now to figuring out how to sew it on.

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