Saturday, April 20, 2013

Less is More Sweater

I have been feeling the sweater love lately.  I finished my Hoaloha sweater and am almost finished with my Featherweight cardigan so I decided that I must start on a new sweater.  Granted that I still have at least another sweater in the works that I haven't touched in way too long, but I did frog two other sweaters.

I had spun yarn for this less is more sweater endeavor and it is soft and fluffy.  I discussed it here and here.  The colors are a bit "out there" but I really wanted a sweater to wear in the mornings at my desk since it has been a bit chilly.

I balled up one skein of the two on my new ball winder.  I am also using my yarn holder since the skein is giant and weighs 8 ounces.
I swatched and came up with the correct gauge with US 8 needles.  
I cast on the sweater with US 7 needles for the rolled collar and went to town.  I have been catching up on my movie watching in the evenings and have been knitting like crazy.

I finished up the first skein of yarn after finishing the decrease and increase for the body.  Now I just need to join and knit another 4 inches or so before changing to the smaller needles and binding off.
I'm holding that in reserve until I knit the sleeves.  Second ball of yarn wound and first sleeve stitches picked up.
There is still the i-cord edge for the front edges and the trickiness of adding a zipper closure, but this sweater may be done before Black Sheep Gathering.

The colors are a bit funky, but I really like it.

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