Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Market Square in San Antonio

On the way from being dropped off at the airport for my flight home from Texas, Jude and I stopped along the way at the Market Square in San Antonio.  
Our plan was to eat at the Mi Tierra but the wait was too long and the drive from Mo Ranch was long.  The place is decorated like a Christmas tree.
Jude bought some pastries and we left to eat at one of the carts.  There was live entertainment and we went shopping.
A few of the girls at the retreat had tops that called Jude's name so we went hunting.  I walked away with two dresses what would be appropriate for those mega hot days we have occasionally in San Diego.


  1. I was wondering how it went on your visit to downtown San Antonio! Glad you found some things NOT YARN! 8^)

  2. Reminded me a bit of Tijuana but not as cheesy. Had fun!