Friday, April 26, 2013

Backwards Progress

As I said before, I have been on a major knitting kick and have multiple projects on the needles and have the desire to cast on more projects.  It may because spring has sprung and the days seem to be longer and I can see my plumeria start to leaf.

However, with all these on-going projects, mistakes are being made.  Row counts have been off necessitating the dreaded unknitting.  I may have to be more monogamous for a bit and work through one project at a time until they are all at the correct place before moving forward for more progress.

It must be a sign to stop and smell the roses instead of rushing through the garden.  My hands and wrists are feeling the strain as well so I might have to switch to another hobby for a bit.

Also, today I will be getting a new boss so a new adventure starts at work as well.


  1. thank goodness you have other hobbies at the ready! Good luck with the new boss!

  2. I was thinking the same thing yesterday when I had to unknit 3 rows for the 6 I had knitted!