Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Month End Report


My monthly purchase this month consisted of some stuff from Dharma Trading. I totally fell in love with the silk scarf dyeing that I did at the Texas Retreat so I went and ordered a few pieces of raw silk to dye.  

While I was there I noticed that they had some leather and leather paint.
I bought these items to fix the three-panel screen that my aunt painted for me since the leather strips holding the panels together have harden and cracked.  Now I have to get painting.

My order for silk reeling equipment also came in so I am ready to start my silk work.

Knitting - Finished my painted tam in one piece and started the painted tam in wedges; finished knitting the sleeves on my celtic cable sweater and joined the sleeves to the sweater; and frogged my abalone sweater as well as the teal shalom sweater.  I also started the knit community college project.  My progress has been great on the Less is More sweater as well.

Spinning - continued spinning the merino/angora fiber that I got from Jude on my Malcolm Fielding spindle.  I also contemplated what I would spin next on my wheel and have not yet made any decisions.

Weaving - I finished weaving the color and weave dishtowels.  I got three towels out of the pattern and have enough yarn to make at least three more.

Organizing and Purging

I sold my Strauch Petite drum carder to Suzanne at my spin group.  I also sold a rosewood russian spindle and bowl set to a fellow Raveler.  The Majacraft Suzie Pro also found a new home with Shelly.

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