Thursday, April 4, 2013

Val's Sock Progress

I was able to take this project along on my travels and knit up the foot and the gusset.  When I got home, I researched the heel and after knitting and re-knitting, I finally settled on a regular gusset heel.

I had to do some math for the 60 stitch count and also added a padded heel with a slip stitch in between knit stitches.

Here are the heels done.
I see that there is some color pooling in the gusset increase but it settled back to the striping when I started the heel.
Now to finish knitting the leg and binding off and the socks will be ready for the mail.


  1. I love the yarn and I think the color along the gusset looks neat. Can you tell me the yarn name and brand or is that handspun?!

  2. The yarn is called Mountain Feat by Lonesome Stone yarn. They are located in Granby CO and their website is I got the yarn from one of the girls in my knit group. She was a distributor for them and she has since moved to Italy. The color is BFF color line and the yarn in super wash merino.