Monday, April 22, 2013

Juicy Roasted Chicken

Vons was having a sale on whole chickens and I haven't made one in quite a while.  I miss having that Costco coupon deal where you get 4 chickens for the price of 2.  I had always had a chicken or two in the freezer before.

So I went ahead and bought a chicken and pulled out my chicken roasting recipe, but decided to do some net surfing to see if I could find a better one.

I happened upon this recipe and it sounded great.  I mean who doesn't want juicy chicken?  I substituted garlic granules for the onion powder and placed 4 pieces of celery in the cavity with margarine and swiped margarine all over the front of the chicken.  I also roasted it on a tray so the bird would not be sitting in juice and fat.  I had the bird face up with the breast on top.

In the 350 degree oven for an hour and 15 minutes and then out with a foil tarp for another 30 minutes.  The skin was crispy and it smelled delicious.
Great recipe and the meat was falling off the bones.  Very tasty!

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