Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pomegranate Restaurant

Jon and Karen invited me out to a Russian place called Pomegranate for dinner.

We arrived at opening on Sunday and we were the first to be seated.

After looking over the menu, we ordered a variety of dishes and shared.
First was the salad sampler.
I would not have pegged any of these as Russian.  The potato salad was kind of German with dill, then the beets and carrots with the tomato eggplant which was kind of Italian leaning.  The center bean mix was spicy and was reminiscent of Mexican.
Next was a special dumpling dish (just like xiao lung bao but way bigger).  The yogurt dill and pepper spread was very tasty with it.
Next was the shashlik with pork.  It came out on a huge skewer and was coated with pomegranate sauce with a carrot rice mix and pickled onions.  The pork was tender and moist.
We also tried the Siberian meat dumplings which was kind of Italian.
And the cheese potato dumpling which were very tasty.
Dessert was ice cream with a habanero sauce which was too spicy.  The waitress came back with some pomegranate sauce which added a nice tang.

Delicious food but more geared to cold weather.  I worked up a sweat eating but it was all so good.

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