Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Santa Rosa Sweater Part 1

After swatching with the Blue Moon Yarn and getting gauge, the start of the sweater commences with the yoke.

I have made many of Carol's sweaters and have a few more in my queue.

The pattern comes out in parts and the first is to start and knit up the yoke.  Since this is a top down raglan sweater (I love this kind), the cast on was easy and then the increasing with the lace pattern commenced.  Part A ends like this.
It is tricky to try to remember to make the buttonhole as I go along and I have notes all over my pattern.  It is challenging and engaging at the same time.

The next section is a slower increase to shape the shoulders of the raglan following the same pattern.
I also initiated the color change to the next skein and I had about 6 grams left of the first skein.  The color change is very subtle.

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