Saturday, May 9, 2015

RIP - Precious Princess Pepperoni

On May 1, Pepper told me that she was ready to go.  She had hinted at the beginning of the year by refusing to take anymore pills so I decided to put her on Chinese herbs for a bit.  She tolerated that for a while, but over the past few weeks she had a few episodes and over the last few days, she stopped her favorite activity which was eating.  I knew when that time came, she would be ready to go.

It was a peaceful end as she was wrapped in her quilt on the drive to Dr. R's.  Yaling was kind enough to drive us over.
Pepper was happy to see Dr. R and was comfortable at the end.
She had a long life for a girl who ate things that were suppose to be poisonous to dogs.  For a 16 year old girl, she was still a pistol the last few years.  Only compounding issues with her heart, liver, and kidneys and that dreaded arthritis slowed her down.

She wreaked havoc on my leather shoes, leather briefcases, and a couple of leather sofas.  Her special treat was to eat my silk things especially yarn.  Here is one of her episodes where she decided to tear out the stuffing in her bed.
She was super friendly to people and ran away from home a few times to go hang out at strangers homes sitting on the couch and watching tv with families before deciding to come home.

Pepper was my first pet on my own and I confess I knew nothing about the breed and she was not even interested in me when I first saw her.  I guess she decided I was a good bet the next day I went back.  She taught me patience and discipline and provided unconditional love.
She liked to sit on her behind until she couldn't do it anymore and loved the tennis ball.
This is where she would hide when the "bath" word was uttered.  Obviously she didn't think I could get her when she hid.
I will miss her greatly but I know she is no longer suffering and is playing with her friends that cross the rainbow bridge before her.


  1. I feel for you totally! I have had to say goodbye to our Guam kitty of 15 years back in February and then our Florida kitty of 18 years just yesterday. I'm so glad you knew when it was time and made that hard decision. I'm sure Princess Pepperoni had a good life with such a caring and compassionate person as you.--Geraldine

  2. So sorry to hear about Pepper, even when we know its coming it is hard. I'll miss her too.