Monday, March 20, 2017

Akerworks Customer Service

I purchased a kate from Akerworks at the end of last year and took it out for a test drive last weekend.  It is a very cool efficient piece of equipment but I noticed that one of the pegs had a line in the plastic which restricted the spinning of the bobbin a bit.

I went ahead and used another peg for plying so it didn't really matter.

I decided to contact Akerworks to see what I could do to fix the issue and they decided to send me a link to a video on how to change the peg and asked if I was comfortable doing that.  I agreed and they sent me a new peg for installation.  (It would have been costly to send my unit back for same replacement).

I got a nice note.
Here are the two pegs side by side.
Installation or operation was successful and the gimpy peg went back into the envelope for a return.
Awesome customer service.  I think I'm going to make a new fabric case for mine as the pouch that came with is a really snug fit.

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