Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Saori Adventure

I had an opportunity to go to a Saori studio and test out some looms and stayed for a class where I got to weave as well.

I had seen a Saori loom up for sale in Ravelry and had been intrigued by this method and loom since I saw it up on Oakland a few years back.  What really attracted me was the freeform color and texture and the amazing garments that were made out of the woven cloth.  I corresponded with the seller but couldn't quite make the deal as I had never really tried out the loom.

The closest studio is in Sherman Oaks so I was able to make an appointment to try out some looms to see if it would be a good fit and it turned out that there was a class starting and there was space for one more.
It is an ingenious method of swapping out warps without having to go to much effort so I selected a narrow warp for the class.
The loom was super easy to use and there were shelves of fiber, ribbon, and yarn to choose from.  I even found some green fun fur to play with (my favorite).  This is my end result at the end of class.
My loom mate had been working on her piece for 3 classes and pulled enough off for a show.
The walls were also covered by garments.
Lovely time spent with other weavers chatting and sharing.  I wish it was closer as I was the one who traveled the furthest, but one was from the OC and the other north of LA.  There was just so much imagination and inspiration.  I might head up again for another class.  The cost of class is $20/hour and the weight of your finished piece at the end if you take it off the loom.  You can continue to go and just swap out your warp.  Great fun.

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