Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Turkey Dinner

Since I missed out on thanksgiving last year, a decision was made to have a turkey dinner.  Jon and Karen provided the 20 lb turkey which was on sale at Vons for $.49/pound.
The company has a slick website to help you have a successful turkey.  The back at a higher temperature.
And then flipping the bird for the breast which took some doing.
The breast was a little dry so it probably could have come out of the oven sooner.
Cranberry blood orange relish which was made the day before for curing.  Cranberries are expensive out of season.
Also made a pan of pan au lait.
Karen made dressing and sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping.
Grace brought her green beans.
And Jon made the pumpkin dessert.
Great dinner with lots of leftovers for everyone.

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