Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lunch with the Gang

It has been quite a while since Grace, Yaling, and I went out for lunch.  We hit RakiRaki for some ramen.  I tried out the oxtail ramen which was pretty good except for the bamboo shoots which ended up in Yaling's bowl.
It was enough for another meal so I got a to go container.  The only issue was the tenderness of the largest piece of oxtail as it was not cooked enough and was pretty tough.  I had the last piece at home for dinner using a knife to cut out the meat.  Bailey got a good extra snack for dinner.

Afterwards, we went to Caffe Bene for dessert and Grace still had enough room for a ice cream waffle.
I made do with some strawberry ice cream.  We hung around for a while and caught up.

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