Saturday, November 10, 2012

Any Kind of Glindle

When I was at Estes Park, I purchased a glindle from Bristlecone Artisan Heirlooms.

I was on their Ravelry group and I asked to be placed on the any glindle list.  This is where you will get a message stating there is a glindle for sale if you would like to purchase it.  It seems these are so popular now, you can only buy them at shows.  The website is sold out in seconds once an update is made.

I received a message for a padauk glindle with a flower at the tip.  I thought it a sign since it is the same wood I have for my spinner so I purchased it.

It came in the mail very quickly and I love the spin action.


  1. I have never seen such beautiful tools and accessories as there are in the fiber and knitting genres. Simply gorgeous and they all seem to have such historical momentum. Val 11/16/12

  2. That is lovely. I haven't spun on a support spindle but, it's only a matter of time. This is a work of art. Beautiful !

  3. Morning,

    I've come to your site by twist and turns. And now I rudely ask if you will part with your Glindle.

    Please if you have an inkling that you would part with it consider me. I'm not a Bristilcone or spindle collector but I am certainly late to the table.

    Stay well,


    1. Hi Danielle - I'm sorry to tell you that I have sold all my glindles. Even though they are beautiful, I couldn't get a good spin on them. For my existing stable of supported spindles, I really like Texas Jeans and Malcolm Fielding. Good luck with your search.