Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lowa Boots

When I was packing to go to Lake Tahoe a few weeks back, I dug up my Lowa boots to wear while I was there.  I wore them around the house and they felt funny so I took a good look at them.

The soles had deteriorated and were pretty much crumbling away.
I didn't take them with me and put them back in the box to figure out what to do.

Onto the inter webs I went searching for the Lowa website and sent them a message asking for guidance.

It seems that my boots are about 10 years old.  It seemed like just a few years ago that I purchased them and had only worn them sparingly.

After some e-mail conversations, I sent the boots back not really expecting much but the customer service was so great that they are replacing my boots with the newest model.

Here are the boots that I sent back.
And here are the boots I received.
It seems that these soles are only good for about 10 years before they start breaking down.  Good to know so I can wear these new boots and get some wear on them before the next time to replace them.

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